Security and scalability

GFI FaxMaker has various methods to securely send and receive faxes including via https, email, APIs and more.  From the secure hybrid faxing using fax services to supported specialized fax boards, each connectivity option has advantages to ensure your fax communications remain private and secure.

You can maximize your fax throughput via the versatile line configuration settings. The lines or channels can be configured to send, receive or send and receive individually, enabling you to tailor your communication to your company's needs.

GFI FaxMaker architecture is highly scalable, and supports from five users to thousands of users. It can be configured to work with just one line or more than a hundred lines per fax server. It can be installed for high availability, for load balancing or for disaster recovery - without breaking the bank.

Download the GFI FaxMaker High Availability white paper here

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