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Videos generales

Duración: 3:24

GFI LanGuard – Su consultor de seguridad virtual de Tecnología de la Información. Esta guía paso a paso le ayudará a entender cómo puede mantener una red de trabajo segura y que cumpla con un mínimo de esfuerzo en Tecnología de la Información.

Duración: 4:45

Bayview Medical Clinic is a small group practice with three physicians. Together, they provide a full service Family Practice to over 4,000 patients. Since it is a paperless clinic the laboratory and medical imaging reports are delivered electronically and E-Faxes are entered directly in to the EMR. All Paper documents are scanned as searchable PDFs and then attached to the patient chart. Since so much personal data is stored digitally the clinic decided to up their security game and started using GFI LanGuard.

Duración: 2:22

Since 2006, FrugalBrothers has built its business around providing only the best email protection and network security tools to its customers. FrugalBrothers are certified in all products and is a top GFI Gold Level Partner.

Duración: 0:37

The discovery of a bug in the Bash shell, one of the most-used utilities for Linux/UNIX, has ‘shellshocked’ experts. If you thought Heartbleed was bad, think again, because the effects of the Bash bug on unpatched machines can be devastating. You can, however, do something about it with GFI LanGuard.

Duración: 1:48

A recent Ponemon Institute study estimates it costs businesses $214 per single, compromised record - so just imagine what it would cost if thousands of records on your system were compromised. Add to that the impact on reputation, lost business and potential legal ramifications and it is easy to see the additional value provided by automatic vulnerability scanning.

Duración: 0:49

Watch this video to learn what to do once you've installed GFI LanGuard.

Duración: 2:26

What are the top five security errors that small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) commonly make? And how can you avoid them? Watch this video for some simple but solid advice and practical tips to increase your organization's network security.

Duración: 1:53

GFI LanGuard, is your solution to ensure that your network is secure and protected in today’s high risk environment.

Videos de' cómo hacer

Duración: 2:13

Watch this video to learn how to deploy Adobe Reader by using GFI LanGuard’s application deployment capabilities.

Duración: 2:26

Este corto video muestra al usuario cómo reconocer una vulnerabilidad con el GFI LanGuard para que así pueda ser reportado. O ignorado bien sea indefinidamente o por un período de tiempo limitado.

Duración: 1:52

This short video shows how to audit smartphones and tablets with GFI LanGuard.

Duración: 1:57

This short video shows how to use GFI LanGuard to automatically deploy patches to devices in the network, that have already been tested or manually approved for distribution.

Duración: 1:57

This short "How To" video shows how a user can set up an automatic report that will alert them when a new device is added to a domain or organizational unit in the network.

Duración: 1:53

Este corto video muestra al usuario cómo desplegar agentes de escaneo para dispositivos conocidos en la red de trabajo, e instalar automáticamente agentes en nuevos dispositivos para conectarse a la red.

Duración: 2:21

Este corto video muestra al usuario cómo desplegar software personalizado usando el GFI LanGuard

Duración: 2:41

Este corto video muestra cómo un usuario puede desplegar parches faltantes con el GFI LanGuard.

Duración: 1:22

This video shows how a user can find what is shared on a network as well as what is accessible to everyone with GFI LanGuard.

Duración: 1:57

GFI LanGuard ships with a number of predefined software categories that can help to easily locate and group applications by functional category, e.g. antivirus or firewalls. This short video shows a user how to do this.

Duración: 1:35

This short video shows a user how to do easily audit open ports on machines in their network and discover such information.

Duración: 1:00

The short video shows users to perform a remote agentless scan.

Duración: 2:13

Este corto video muestra al usuario cómo seleccionar un objetivo escaneado – puede ser un computador local, un computador remoto, un dominio o un grupo de trabajo, un Directorio Activo, una unidad organizacional o un rango de dirección IP – crear un perfil de escaneo y ejecutar o programar el escaneo usando el GFI LanGuard.

Duración: 1:27

Using GFI LanGuard IT administrators can then notify device owners of the latest updates available for the operating systems installed on their devices, and can provide an email template to help IT administrators do this. This short video shows users how this can been done.

Duración: 1:51

This short video shows a user how to configure GFI LanGuard to generate reports which can be scheduled to be run on a regular basis, and to be automatically saved on the disk in a specified location or sent to an chosen email recipient.

Duración: 2:55

El GFI LanGuard suministra la capacidad de remover aplicaciones no autorizadas (tales como juegos, aplicaciones de transmisiones de audio/medios, aplicaciones de compartido ilegales/P2P) de las máquinas y de la red de trabajo.

Duración: 1:31

This short video shows a user how to use the dashboard.

Duración: 1:09

This short video shows a GFI LanGuard user how to use the 'Remediate Section' to take actions such as deploying or rolling back updates (both security and non-security ones), deploying custom software, scripts and uninstalling unauthorized applications.

Duración: 1:03

This short video shows you how to use the reporting features to best effect.

Duración: 1:46

This short video shows a GFI LanGuard user how to remain vigilant and in control at all times, by providing ongoing visibility of any relevant security changes made on your network